5 Rude Shaped Vegetables

I was recently looking on eBay for vegetable seeds and came across a rather exotic or should I say erotic looking plant, a Peter Pepper also known as a Peter Penis Pepper or a Chilli Willy. The aptly named Pepper got me thinking what other plants/ vegetables or fruits are out there that are seductively shaped? Below are five of the best.

1. Peter Pepper

The Peter Pepper seller on eBay describes the erotically shaped Pepper as “long-season plants and produce small, hot, red and yellow fruits. These 2- to 4-inch-long peppers bring interest to the garden with their suggestive shapes, and bring a hot kick to any kitchen dish. Plant Peter peppers early, in the right site and soil, for a harvest hot and spicy enough to make you blush.”

Peter Pepper

Peter Pepper aka Chilli Willy

2. The Passionate Parsnip

I came across this oddly shaped Parsnip whilst reading a Huffington Post article on ‘Ugly Shaped Fruit and Veg’ post. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to guess what this looks like, it certainly does not look good enough to eat!

The Passionate Parsnip

The Passionate Parsnip

3. ‘Under the Jacket’ Potato

This boobs shaped potato was discovered at a fresh food store in Leicester which among other funny shaped veg was reported on the Express site back in January this year. “Workers at a fresh food store were left in hysterics after finding this potato shaped like a pair of breasts.”

potato boobs

‘Under the Jacket’ Potato

4. Mr and Mrs Carrot

Mr and Mrs Carrot was reported by the Daily Mail a couple of years ago and never fails to raise a….. smile. “Gardener digs up x-rated root vegetables from prize-winning patch”

Mr and Mrs Carrot

Mr and Mrs Carrot


5. The World’s Most Phallic Strawberry

Yes I know it isn’t a vegetable but it would be a shame not to include this – a penis shaped strawberry. You can read about the discovery in full here.


Photo credit SWNS


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