Following on from our recent build and review of the LEGO CITY Arctic Snowmobile my son and I decided to lock ourselves away and get hands on with the LEGO Juniors Police: The Big Escape set. The new Junior range has been specifically designed for 4 – 7 year olds to provide a bridge between DUPLO and the existing entry-age LEGO sets.

For a LEGO obsessed parent like me the news of the Junior range was a relief as it provided a welcome alternative to building yet another DUPLO set with my soon to be 4 year old son. We were ready for the hard stuff but needed a gateway product that we could both enjoy and the Junior range seemed to offer that.

My first impression of the LEGO Juniors Police – The Big Escape set was that despite being developed for a younger audience there had been no compromise on the quality of detail.

Plastered across the packaging of this set are the words ‘easy to build’ which appears to be the main feature of the Juniors range. LEGO seemed to have struck a perfect balance of simplifying the build without patronising its younger audience, the combination of pre-packed bags, easy instructions and quick start kits has helped enable the younger ‘builders of tomorrow’.

Despite all the well promoted benefits of the Juniors range I had my reservations as to whether my son would find building the set any easier, as up till now his hand eye co-ordination hasn’t been quite strong enough to get the brick clicking action going. I am not sure if it was the simplified set or the fact that we had just finished watching The LEGO Movie but my son was inspired and to my surprise he was bricking it with ease and confidence. Yes he needed direction but he definitely adapted to the build of this set a lot easier to previous ones we had built together.

The police theme really captured the imagination of my son in particular the fully functioning on-site jail and the criminal minifigure. Watching my son play with this set brought on a fuzzy feeling of nostalgia as one of my earliest LEGO memories as a child was playing with my LEGO CITY Police set. Fast forward twenty something years and seeing my son do the same was an emotionally surreal feeling that brought a smile to my face.

Capture the crook and put him back behind bars! There’s been a breakout down at the the town prison. One of the crooks has been able to escape and now he’s on the run! Give chase with the motorbike and police car then return him to the police station and back behind bars where he belongs!

The Price of Freedom

When it came to playing with the LEGO Juniors Police set, my son and I had differing opinions on how the crook escaped the jail. If ‘The LEGO Movie‘ taught us one thing it is that there is always a Bad Cop. Perhaps it is the adult in me that makes me think so cynically or the fact that dinner time was fast approaching and we needed to wrap this play session up but either way I opted for a quick police bribe to guarantee freedom

A Done Deal

The Big Escape

A quick change of costume and a conveniently distracted police man meant the ‘big escape‘ was complete.

Give a dog a bone

But no. Refreshingly in the mind of a three year old money has no value, therefore it was obvious that there was only one way out of jail. Unfortunately we cannot explain how the Crook managed to escape the prison, but what we do know is that he rode the dog bare back out of the Police station by using a bone as bait whilst still hand cuffed to a distressed police man. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!

Getting Hands On With The LEGO Set

If you have a child between 4 and 7 or coming up to that age then I thoroughly recommend the LEGO Juniors range as the perfect introduction to the world of LEGO building. The LEGO Juniors Police set featured in this post can be purchased for £24.99, if you are new to the LEGO brand you may feel this is quite steep but I think the quality and quantity of the set is value for money.



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