Planning a kids birthday party isn’t always easy – there is so much to consider in order to make their day special and ensure everything runs smoothly. That’s why we have picked out ten of the best birthday party ideas for kids, to make life easier for parents who are planning a kids party soon. Let’s take a look at some of the best ideas here.

Top Party Ideas for Kids

1. Sleepover Party

Kicking of our list of party ideas is the classic slumber party. This is excellent for kids of all ages and doesn’t cost much to organize. They can invite a group of friends and tell them to bring sleeping bags – they can crash out on the floor in the living room, watch movies, eat snacks, and stay up late!

2. Pizza Party

The next of our kids birthday party ideas is a pizza party. This can be done at home or at a pizza place. At home, you can get pre-made pizza bases, a jar of sauce, and lay out different toppings in bowls. Then, kids can make up their own pizzas with all of their favorite toppings. They can eat them whilst watching a movie.

3. Go to an Event

If you want to celebrate with something different than birthday parties for kids, take them to a special event with their best friend instead. It could be their favorite team’s sporting match, a concert, or a show at the theatre. This is something they are sure to remember forever.

4. Hire a Party Place

To take the hassle out of planning kids birthday parties, going to a party place is an easy option. All you have to do is tell them how many kids will be attending and they will take care of the rest. Some can even provide party bags and a birthday cake.

5. Take a Trip to the Cinema

A cinema trip is a great way to celebrate a birthday. Kids can bring a group of friends to see the latest release! They could also go for a meal before or after. This is easier than planning a party and kids are sure to have a lot of fun with it.

6. Craft Parties

For creative kids, an arts and crafts party is a great idea. There are places which host these kinds of parties – for example painting pottery. Or, buy some kids toys or crafts and let make something at home that they can take home.

7. Plan Some Party Games

A kids birthday wouldn’t be complete without some party games! There are loads of ideas online for games to play depending on the age and number of kids. Dancing games are always lots of fun, as are classics such as pass-the-parcel.

8. Animal Party

If your kid loves animals, why not take them to a zoo or farm park for their special day? Many of these places offer party options, so it’s a great way to celebrate outside of the house.

9. Spa Day

Perhaps the best girls birthday party ideas is having a spa day. This can be done at home or at a proper venue, depending on numbers and budget. Girls will love being pampered for a day!

10. Camping Party

When it comes to boy birthday party ideas, something involving the great outdoors usually goes down a treat. A camping party is therefore ideal. This is best done in the backyard in the summer. You can set up tents, make a campfire, toast marshmallows, and even plan scavenger hunts. These activities will keep guests entertained for the duration of the party and is sure to provide a memorable experience.

11. Pass the Parcel

Kids love playing this game and with a great gift at the end of it, you can ensure the winner is happy.


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