You are thinking about what gifts you can get your one year old daughter. Or what kind of gifts would keep her excited and entertained, then you have come to the right place. Your daughter at age one likes to play, she is active for most of the time and needs to be distracted so dad and mum can do other things. The most effective method has always been gifting. The catch is, it has to be the right gift. So you are probably wondering what the secrets are to buying gifts for a one year old girl. 

Well, it is pretty easy, when shopping for anything you need to have some things checked off. You have to ensure they measure up to some standards and meet some certain expectations. And these are the considerations that must be made:

Considerations Choosing Gifts for 1 Year Olds

Age: The age of your child determines a lot of things; it determines how agile she would be and how technical the specifications for her toy would be. At such a tender age, she would need toys that are not too complex, that offer bright, attractive colors and interesting sounds. The best toys for a one year old girl are ones that stimulate her visual and auditory senses.

Safety: Another consideration is the risk factor; the toy has to be as safe as possible, with no sharp edges, small removable parts or plastic that can cause choking hazards. She would be on the floor for some time, so the toy must be easy to wash and clean.

Play Area: How much space she has to play is very important, as it would dictate the dimensions of the toy. And if you have a considerably sized outdoor space, you can purchase something bigger to enhance her playing experience. 

Top Gifts for 1 Year Olds Girls

  1. LeapFrog Magical Tea Set

This is one of the best gifts you can get your little girl because it has everything your princess would need. The colors are bright and inviting, on the kettle is one of the warmest smiles you would ever see. And it lights up in beautiful colors and entertains her with about seven tea-time songs. So she can sing along and have the time of her life, the toy helps her develop her cognitive skills and seeing as she would be entertaining mom and dad to this beautiful tea time experience, she also develops her social skills.

  1. Mega Building Blocks

Building blocks are usually not advised for the younger children because they are small and can be put in their mouths, and they have a lot of sharp edges. But these are different; they are relatively larger and as such fit for smaller hands. And they help her develop her motor skills, and she builds cities from her cute baby imagination.

  1. Plush Princess Castle Playset

Every princess needs her magical castle, and this is the most beautiful of them all. Included in the package are five pieces that would bring to her doorsteps unlimited fun. It includes a unicorn musical toy, a magic mirror, a squeaker wand, a princess crinkle doll and the castle itself. They can all be easily washed when dirty.

  1. Little Tikes Magenta Rocking Horse

This horse is a little tikes classic, it is small and compact, and as such ideal for both indoor and outdoor play areas. It is light and can be easily moved around; the color is attractive and would catch your daughter’s attention. The toy is designed to keep your daughter safe as she has fun with the easy-grip handles and a seat that holds her in place and keeps her from falling.

  1. Plush Jungle Set

With this beautiful jungle set, your daughter makes five new friends that would be with her every step of the way. This snugly little jungle includes a stuffed lion, elephant, monkey, zebra and tiger to keep her company when mom and dad are busy. And when squeezed, they all make realistic animal noises to enhance her experience playing with them.

  1. Organic Cotton Dresses

Thes beautiful lovely dresses would make your daughter look every inch the princess she is. They are made from 100% organic cotton and as such are eco friendly. The material is soft and easy on the skin and can be easily machine washed when dirty.

  1. Magical Glow Unicorn

This unicorn is every little girl’s best friend; its magical horn activates its light effect, the unicorn’s galloping action and entertaining music. This toy teaches her to differentiate numbers, shapes and colors. It is a great fun and educational toy. The Unicorn has a chase mode feature installed that sees it gallop in many directions, prompting your baby to come after it.

  1. Princess Tent and Ball Pit

This tent and ball pit can serve as a protective fun enclosure, where many balls of different beautiful colors surround her. The tent is made from premium quality polyester nylon and designed to be durable and long-lasting. It is beautiful, and she would have fun playing in this tent.

  1. Fisher-Price Smart Stages Sis

This fisher price snuggle toy helps develop your daughter’s motor and cognitive skills. It teaches her 100 words and introduces her to different body parts. This smart toy helps her learn the alphabets and count her 123s. The hands, ear and foot all light up in response to your daughter’s touch.

  1. Top Bright Wooden Puzzles

This classic design helps your daughter improve her problem-solving abilities. Safety of your child is guaranteed as all the pieces have very smooth edges and are coated with non-toxic, child-friendly paint. This toy helps her identify different animals, letters and numbers. 


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