If you are wondering what to buy a one year old boy, and are unsure what you need to keep in mind when shopping for gifts for your little boy. Then you are in the right place as we would be answering these pertinent questions. Boys this age are young adventurers are want to explore the nook and cranny of the house. He is fascinated by his ABCs and 123s and looks to learn more. You can encourage him to have fun and also learn at the same time by buying him one or more of the best gifts for boys aged one.

Considerations Choosing Gifts for Toddlers

There are a few things you need to know before you raid the toy store in search of an ideal gift for your boy. They are:

Age: His age is a major determinant; it determines the level of difficulty and physicality of the toys. You do not want to purchase a gift too tasking or demanding. It needs to educate him without compromising how much fun can be had.

Dimensions: The dimensions of the toy is another important factor. For his tiny hands, he would need gifts or toys that are relatively bigger but not so heavy, so he can move it around as desired. Another thing to keep in mind is the dimensions of his play area, how much space that is available for play would determine the size of the gift that can be bought.

Top Gifts for One Year Olds

  1. VTech Walker

Give your baby the perfect toy to play with and also to learn with. The sit-to-stand learning walker comes with a lot of attachments for play and also a detachable panel that guides your baby’s steps as he learns to walk.

  1. “Wild One” Print T-Shirt

Tstars baby Tshirt collection is perfect for your boy’s 1stbirthday party. It comes in a variety of different colors and themes, 100% cotton, good and recommendable quality and not irritable on your baby’s skin. The coolest birthday outfit for your boy on that day and after.

  1. Fat Brain Dimpl Toys

A carry around toy for your boy would be good to add to his collection. This dimpl baby toy by fat brain is made of silicon bubbles fitted into a plastic frame. Simple yet engaging, it would have your toddler giggling all day.

  1. Now You Are One

Up your gift game and gift your baby boy a cute greetings book that has his age and cute illustrations are drawn on and in it. A sweet note could be written for your baby on the inside, The perfect memento. 

  1. Amy and Benton Wind Up Toy Cars

Amy and Benton baby toy car gift contains four pieces of cute cartoon little cars for kids best between the ages 1-3. Designed to look like it’s been driven by animals and easy to control, this gift set is befitting for your one year old to play with over the years.

  1. Fisca 3 in 1 Music Combo

Helping your toddler get familiar with musical instruments at an early age is how the passion grows. Fisca 3 in 1 musical instruments toy comprises an electronic piano keyboard, a xylophone, and a drum set. Very colorful, inviting, educative, and entertaining for toddlers. A fine present.

  1. Top Bright Educational Puzzle

Learning made fun for your little boy. The Top Bright puzzle gift is a creative gift for your baby, now he has a good toy, that teaches him the numbers, keeps him busy and also helps improve his intellect.

  1. Baby Einstein Musical Toy

Help your baby learn to talk quicker through songs and introduce your toddlers to classical tunes that even parents would enjoy. This musical toy is your toddler’s own mp3. Compact, colorful and loud, your kid would never get tired of it.

  1. Fisher-Price Wagon for Kids

Fisher-Price pull and play learning wagon is a very engaging toy designed to also play songs, phrases, and even colors as toddlers roll along or while sitting. It also comes with a little boot where they can keep their toys to be moved from one place to another.

  1. LAMAZE Rhyme and Story Book

A colorful and interactive book that teaches your little one about animals that lives in the forest. Your one year old would understand better through visual learning, and this baby book is made with soft cloth flaps, so it’s easy for your baby to look through.


  1. GUND Plush Flappy Elephant

The adorable Flappy the elephant is here to keep him company and even sing to him whenever. Your baby just got the perfect playdate that would always keep him happy and even cuddle him through the night.



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