Kids are very expressive and like to use colors, scribbles, and lines to create magic. There are a lot of similar gifts, and it ends up confusing people. So if you are wondering what arts and crafts gift to get your kids, you are in the right place. As we would be answering that question and other related ones, so in the end, you would be able to walk confidently into that store and pick out one or more of the best art and craft gifts for your kids. 

Considerations choosing Kids Arts and Crafts

There are several things to consider in making sure you get the right gift for your kids. The following are examples of such things that would aid your decision making. 

Age: The age of your child or children would determine the simplicity or complexity of the craft. You need to find a way to balance the level of difficulty, too easy, and your kid might not appreciate the skill. And if it is too difficult, there’s a chance that interest would be lost. 

Preference: Different kids like different things, so you need them to be able to decide what they would like to do. At some certain age, you can no longer choose everything for them and need to leave them to make some certain decisions. So when you are in the store, consider that the kid as an individual would like to do, what activity they enjoy.

Budget: For kids of all ages, you can buy a meaningful gift that would teach them a productive skill and a budget cost. You do not need to empty your pockets before you get them creative gifts that would, in the long run, help develop their minds. It is a win-win situation.

9 Best Arts and Crafts for Kids

Not sure what to get your kids. Well, any of the gifts below would surely make their day. Here they are:

  1. Crayola Coloring Set

This colorful set is the ideal gift for kids ages five and above. It has all the art supplies necessary to bring magical art to your doorstep. The sturdy, beautiful case has a slot to keep everything, so your kids would not make a mess when working. It comes with 15 large paper sheets, so there is more than enough room for their imaginations to run wild. This gift item helps develop creativity and imagination.


  1. DIY Window Art

This Window art set for children at least aged 6; it allows you to make your arts on your windows. It will enable your kids to personalize their windows however they see fit with about a dozen suncatcher cutouts, and you can make your suncatcher with the available vibrant paints. After coloring your art, you can put them up for everyone to see with the aid of suction cups.


  1. Tara Toys Disney Themed Necklace Set

This gift set is ideal for kids aged three and above. It is effortless to get the hang of, in the case are beautiful colored beads and silicone necklaces. The objective is to slide these beads down the necklace; you can mix the colors to create your style. You can redo and repeat the process to create different necklace styles. And when your child is done creating, you can easily pack everything back into its sturdy case to be neatly stored.


  1. Disney Toy Story 4 Creative Kit

If your kid loves the toy story franchise, this is the best thing you can do for them. In the package are all the supplies needed to create some of the franchise’s most compelling characters. There is a star included, so you can create your own Sheriff Badge like Woody’s, foam pieces to create Foam Buzz Lightyear, your ducky, and pom-pom bunny. 


  1. Emoji Bracelets for Kids

There is nothing more beautiful than having a smiling emoji on your bracelet to lift your mood at all times every day. This creative art set allows children to create and share these colorful bracelets with their friends; the bracelets have all the emoji types lined up on the super-strong cords to make them into the finished beads. This item is suitable for kids at least six years old. 


  1. Unicorn Purse

This gift item is recommended for children at least aged 4. The purse does not require any sewing, and by just following the instructions that come with, you can make your smooth unicorn purse for everyday use. This thoughtful set builds motor skills, and when enjoyed with friends, helps develop social skill as well.


  1. Frozen II: Color Your Elsa

Do not let it go. Don’t let this gift go; your child would be happy to create her personal Elsa vinyl doll. Children aged three and above get to use a sticker sheet and four markers to create their very own Elsa. Let her have fun with this easy to use a gift, and at the same time, develop her artistic side. 


  1. Paint Your Unicorn

Unshackle your creativity and paint your magical unicorn. Add sparkle to bring it to life, and for a magical appearance, it comes with neon and metallic paints for vibrance and to create a shimmery effect. In the package are two plaster unicorns for you to work your magic on.



  1. Mobee’s Animal Themed Plate Paper Stickers

This is the perfect gift for three year olds and older. It trains their hand-eye coordination, teaches them to differentiate using colors and shapes, and allows them to culture their cognitive abilities. In the package are 20 styled cartoon cards, ten paper plates of varying colors, and a tape.


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