Doing arts and crafts for toddlers is a great pastime with many benefits. Little ones love being able to express their creativity, and they can develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they work on art activities for toddlers. So, let’s now take a look at five great crafts for 3 year olds that was inspired by

image of a childs hands making a butterfly doing arts and crafts

1. Disney Princess Necklace Making

Jewelry making is one of the best crafts to do with toddlers and this Disney Princess set is sure to appeal. It comes with beads and cords to make five cute necklaces, and there is a different princess charm for each. The necklaces can be remade over and over again and the case can be reused for storage of the necklaces and the beads. There are other themes available to choose from if the Princess theme doesn’t suit your child’s tastes.

2. Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills

Cutting is one of the best toddler crafts skills – they need to learn to do it well in order to manage many other projects later on. This pad comes with 20 printed pages with different activities to practice different cutting techniques whilst making fun artworks at the same time. This might not be the most easy crafts for toddlers but it is great for helping them learn – they are sure to benefit immensely from it. The pad comes with plastic scissors to help them learn to hold scissors properly.

3. Alex Toys Scribble Pad

Alex Toys have some excellent 2 year old crafts activities, and this scribble pad is the perfect place to start. It encourages young children to start drawing and express their creativity over the course of 50 great pages. There are also stickers included for finishing off the artworks. When it comes to preschool crafts, they don’t get simpler than this, but it will keep them entertained for hours, and it’s also ideal for taking on the go. The paper is thick and measures 10″ x 10″, which is a great size for toddlers to scribble on.

4. Melissa & Doug Sticker Pad

If you are looking for the best crafts ideas to do with a one year old, stickers have to be one of the best options. They are easy, not messy, and toddlers simply seem to adore them! This set comes with five different blank scenes and over 200 stickers to customize them with. The craft for 1 year old can be done again and again as the stickers are reusable. The scenes are things you might expect to see in town such as school, a restaurant, and a hospital.

5. Toy Story Forky Craft

Our last pick of the best crafts for toddlers is this Toy Story 4 set. It allows toddlers to make their very own Forky, so it’s perfect for fans of this loveable character in the movie. The set can also be used to make a Sheriff badge, a foam Buzz, and a pom-pom Bunny and Ducky. Everything which is needed is included, so parents will have an easy job getting the crafts set up and ready to make.


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