Are you thinking about what piano keyboard for kids would help maximize your child or children’s musical genius? There are many brands to choose with varying musical qualities and difficulties. If you are unsure what brand to patronize and the other technicalities to consider on purchase, then you are at the right place because we would break down all the intricacies to make your choice of piano easy and that your child has fun while learning his lovely musical instrument.

Considerations buying Kids Pianos

So that your child gets the best out of the piano, and for you to also get the most value for your money. The following are the things you should keep in mind:


Quality of Sound: The quality of the piano is largely dependent on the quality of the soundboard and the strings it has fitted. If you are purchasing the piano for older kids you should check the tuning ability, as it can affect the durability and longevity of the instrument. 


Size: In this case size matters more than ever, the bigger the better. Pianos of larger size have longer strings and produce sound of higher quality. This does not mean you should get a grand piano if you do not have enough space to house it, so the size of his play area would be a big factor when the size of the piano is concerned. Keep in mind that the size of the room affects the acoustics of the piano.


Budget: The price of the piano is largely determined by the size and the quality of the music produced. A higher quality piano might put a dent in your purse but it would be made from more long lasting materials. And while the cheaper options might be more pocket friendly, they would be made from materials that would not be so durable. 


Appearance: The functionality and the quality of the piano is very important, but another aspect that can not be overlooked is the aesthetics. It is not enough that the piano plays well, it should also look good. Your child should look at it and be motivated to play and learn.


Top 10 Pianos for Kids

Below are the best pianos for little kids that are looking to learn to play the piano:

  1. Best Choice Mini Piano

This is the best beginner’s piano for many reasons. Firstly would be the full sized keys that teach your child the proper finger placement, and it also has sticker guides on the keys to enable him learn and perfect the art of good music easier. This beautiful piano comes with a music book included, so he can start practicing right away.

  1. Best Choice Electronic Piano for Girls

This beautiful pink piano is the ideal gift for girls that love to play the piano. The 37 keys on the keyboard lights up as she plays, and it also comes with a stool and a microphone if she wants to do a little karaoke. The piano allows your daughter to record the beautiful music she plays and she can toggle between trumpet, music box and violin sounds.

  1. Goplus Kiddies Grand Piano

This is a miniature grand piano scaled to dimensions that would make it easy to transverse by children and toddlers. The 30 beautiful keys on the piano are sized just right to favor proper placement of the fingers. The size makes the piano fit perfectly in any room without taking too much floor space.

  1. The Melissa & Doug Grand Piano

For many years Melissa and Doug have created a name for themselves in the toy industry by only producing quality toys to brighten the days of children. And this piano does just that. The piano and the stool is made from premium quality wood, metal and plastic for your child’s safety. This piano allows children to gently ease into the music with a color coded music book. 

  1. Baby Einstein’s Musical Toy

The little one should not be left out of the piano fun. This beautiful gadget prepares their mind for al, the beautiful music they would make when they get on the bigger pianos. This musical toy teaches the younger children about numbers, animals and music. 

  1. LAGRIMA’s Wooden Classical Piano

This is one of the best pianos of kids, the piano is a smaller version of the real deal and is coated blue to attract anyone that sets their eyes on it. The keys are sized just right for their tiny hands to run through easily. Included in the package is a matching stool and a music holder.

  1. Casio Personal Keyboard

This Keyboard is for more experienced musicians, as it is more complex to use with any of its exciting features. It has an LED screen for you to keep track of the many settings and features. It has 50 rhythm patterns and 100 sounds for your child to choose from. 

  1. Schoenhut Classic Grand Piano

For kids at least 3 years old, this might be the go to piano. It is reported to never go out of tune. The piano is tuned with two octave spans and it is fitted with the Schoenhut learning system and comes with a matching stool in the package. 

  1. Meowsic Children’s Piano

This is one of the most interactive musical instruments that the younger children are going to appreciate. It is cat themed and looks gorgeous at first sight. It can play and record her sweet music as she sings along on the microphone that comes fitted. 

  1. Pyle Portable Keyboard for Kids

This beautiful pink keyboard would make your daughter happy everytime she sees and plays it’s beautiful keys. The 49 keys on this keyboard have been crafted to give her the best experience creating music with this keyboard. It has a playback feature that allows her to listen to what she’s working on and make edits where necessary. Another popular feature is the karaoke function that allows her to be a star with her parents as her ever loving audience. 


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