If you need to get rid of furniture infested with bed bugs then I hope you are not throwing it away like the above image. There are better ways to get ride of your waste and those little critters.

Damage Control

Although many people (including myself) would rush to throw away their bug infested mattress or rug, this is rarely needed. It is the bugs themselves that need to be removed, not the furniture which can more often than not be saved. 

The important thing to remember, is to keep the bugs contained to a small area. This way, you can more easily dispose of them at a quicker speed. At the very least, you should try and contain them to a single room and seal off the exits securely, and then you only have a small area to work with. 

The room which is most affected will probably have bugs on every piece of furniture because of the fast moving pace of the creatures. Therefore, you should not just assume that the only bugs in the room are the visible ones, because they probably will have reproduced and spread as far as they can across the room. 

Finally, check every room inside of the house to ensure that the bugs have not spread across the house. If one room is affected, you can be sure other rooms in the house will have been also impacted. You must never assume with bed bugs that they stay in one place, because that is hardly ever the case.

Treatment Options

Immediately wash all of your affected clothes. Throw any clothes that are infested with bugs into the washing machine as quickly as you can, using the highest heat setting on your washer and tumble dryer if you have one. This will kill the bugs at a maximum speed and ensure the most annoying and urgent bugs are wiped out. High enough temperatures kill insects at all stages of their lives, including when they are eggs. Therefore, giving everything a good and thorough clean is the best defence when your house is infested with bugs.

Next, all of the furniture needs to be vacuumed as soon as possible, as well as the beds, carpets, and the floorboards. All surfaces need to be scrubbed until they are immaculate. This is to ensure any egg nests are removed and dislodged which is important so that the problem does not continue.

If you feel this is not enough and insecticides are needed, then Karlsten products are recommended. The Karlsten spray products are geared towards all sorts of insects, whether it be spiders, ants, fleas, roaches, flying insects, and all other pests. Buy the bottle that you feel will work best for your house, as Karlsten products are proven to be fast acting and long lasting. They are safe to use around your pets, and are also environmentally friendly unlike many other insecticides.

Another thing we recommend is to buy an encasement for your mattress. It should stay in there for 6 months, and the bugs will eventually starve to death. Allerzip mattresses have a miracle membrane on each side of the encasement which prohibits the growth of bacteria, sealing the entrances and exits for bedbugs. This is a last resort option if you cannot manually clean the mattress. Allerzip mattresses are also machine washable which is a definite benefit. 

If none of the above options seem to be working, then unfortunately getting rid of the mattress or piece of furniture with a removal company, like WeebleJunk is perhaps your only option. Please take precautions when doing so to not allow the bugs to spread across your house when transporting it out of the infected area.

Things to remember:

Start to make a thorough plan. Once you have read through this guide, make a chronological list of things you are going to do to try and rectify your bug infested furniture. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help – this is a heavy task to try and complete alone. 

Remember to wear protective clothing, particularly gloves, as these will protect yourself whilst you try and protect your home. These must be clothes you will not mind having to get rid of after you have completed this task. After handling infested items, it is important to sanitise yourself which involves removing any materials which came into contact with the bugs. If you do not want to get rid of them, then you must at least put them through a boil wash, but keep in mind that this can damage certain materials and clothes.

Disposal Instructions:

  1. Remove all visible bugs off the bed to limit spreading
  2. Physically damage the piece of furniture, so that no one mistakenly thinks it is available to take from outside your home
  3. Seal the furniture in plastic before you move it
  4. Be thoughtful of neighbours who will not appreciate a spread of bed bugs into their home


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