Headphones give the user a personalised listening experience. Whether your child is listening to their favourite artist, binge watching a new series, or just gaming with their friends, the headphones’ quality would determine the level of immersion. But with all the headphones – the good, the bad and the ugly- looking the same, it becomes difficult or close to impossible to pick out quality headphones for your kids. 

Considerations Picking Kids Headphones

What are good headphones for kids? What are the criteria or benchmark for a headphone to be considered good enough and safe for your kids? Well, to be sure you have picked out the right product, the product must satisfy and tick off the following conditions. 

Kids Age

When choosing headphones for your kids, their age is one factor to keep at the back of your mind. Your child’s age would determine the loudness of the headphones, and it is important that for younger kids, the headphones have little to no small removable pieces or plastic coverings that could pose a choking hazard. 


When shopping for kids, you should look at the aesthetic factor and the build quality. For your child to get the most from using the headphones, it should be durably builts with all the screws and seals, keeping moisture and foreign material out. You should check the package for a warranty, as having one is an added benefit. 

Sound quality

This is probably the most important factor, as it would not matter if the headphone is good looking or durable when it produces below-par sound quality. When checking the sound production, make sure not to confuse loudness with sound quality, as some headphones could be very loud but would also distort the sound and interfere with the listening experience. 


The design is not just the way it looks but how it functions. Depending on your child’s age or their propensity to using gadgets, you want to get a sample, easy to use headphone. The device should have few and easy to understand button placement, and if it uses removable batteries, the battery compartment should be child proof. 


As with everything else in stores (physical or online), the price they are on sale for matters when making your choice. While the pricer options would give you a host of fun features, the more affordable ones would give you a lot of value for their price. This is why it is important that you work with a budget when shopping for kids headphones. 

Top 3 Pairs of Children’s Wireless Headphones

The following are the best wireless headphones for children which have been inspried by many sites, including headphonehonesty.com and https://headphonecomparison.com

1. Mpow CH6 Plus Kiddie Headphone

The first thing that stands about this device is the beautiful Mpow CH6 headphones are the finish that makes it ideal for both the boy and girl child. The headphone features comfortable plush cups around the ears, so no sound is lost, and for the perfect fit, the headband can be easily adjusted. This is the ideal headphone for gaming, listening to music or watching movies, and with the volume control feature, you can easily limit the maximum volume to 94Db. This Bluetooth enable headphone can connect easily with tablets, PCs, iPads with a connection of up to 33ft or 10m. It also gives your kid the option to listen using an audio cable when the battery runs out. 

2. iClever BTH03 LED Headphone

These iClever BTH03 headphone features LED lights that pulse when the music is on; it can be turned on or off by holding the “+” button on the headphone. One thing you would never have to worry about when you buy this headphone is constantly needing to plug it in as it has a 25-hour battery life; with this, your child can listen to music and study without disturbance. The iClever headphone also allows your kids to connect to their smart devices with one touch using Bluetooth technology and allows them a listening range of 33ft.

3. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

This is the perfect gift for your kid vanquishing enemies online; whether it is God of war or FIFA online with their friends, this is the right headphone/headset for optimal immersion. Gamers are really particular about their headsets as they can have them on for long periods. This is why comfort is prioritised. With its ergonomic design, it does not get more comfortable than the RUNMUS headset

Best Headphones Overall

All the headphones listed are ideal for your kids, but the one that clearly stands out above the others is the iClever BTH03 headphone. The BTH03 headphone has a simple design with an attractive aesthetic feel; it has an adjustable headband, comfortable headphone cups and up to 25 hours of listening time. 


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